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Getting a car for yourself


Thatís probably the first question most of the foreign visitors are asking when coming here. Yes, the city is quite large and it's good idea to get a car especially when you used to this in the country where you are from.


If you come for long, you can buy a car, and there are too many car dealerships in Nsk to list them here, including Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, Peugeot etc, also a lot of used (mostly Japanese) cars for sale and of course dealers of Russian-made cars. Good idea is to get a Russian car (new) - it is crap, but it is inexpensive crap in both original price and cost of maintenance and spares are always available, and you will sell it here when leaving anyway. Used Japanese perform normally better than Russian new cars, but service cost is higher.


Also it is possible to rent a car. There are several companies that do this:

Oka naprokat - Lets small Russian cars Oka for rent. tel. 212-42-22, located at Zhurinskaya,37. Email - prokat@ngs.ru

Zapadno-Sibirskaya Transportnaya Kompaniya - tel. 303-18-36, 303-13-53. Located at Tolmachyovskoye shosse, 43/1.

Moy Gorod - tel. 221-22-12, 227-13-31. Located at Dimitrova prospect, 7 - 101.

Using taxis


Novosibirsk is quite large city, so using taxis might be expensive. The good thing is that you're not limited to official taxis and you can also just wave your hand standing on the road and some driver with 'entrepreneurial spirit' will pick you up shortly. General guidelines for bargaining with drivers - short distances (equal to 20 minutes walk or one-two stations by underground) - 100 Roubles. Longer distance - 150-200 Roubles. From/to airport - 400-800 Roubles. This all depends on the car, drivers mood and availability of other options.


Using underground (metro, subway, tube)


This is probably the best mean of public transport here - fast, reliable, inexpensive (50 cents a ride) and you will not freeze while using it or waiting for it in winter (comparing to onground public transport). The only drawback is that the underground can't take you anywhere in the city, and it is covering only main streets (central area and a bit around).


Using buses/trolley buses/trams


These are very developed public transports, the net of their routes cover all the city and you can get to virtually anywhere on these (using connecting routes). Among them there is something we can't even have English equivalent for - in Russian it is called 'marshrutnoye taxi' or 'marshrutka' - in fact it is a passenger van turned bus - like any bus it has designated route and bus stops, but moves much faster than real bus and sometimes is quite convenient.


Getting in/out of the city, to the Oblast and neighbour regions


Coming here from far away is best done by airplane. There are multiple flights coming in and out from many cities of Russia and abroad. Moscow, Hannover, Frankfurt, Seoul, Tashkent, Dubai just to name a few. And there is a convenient way to check flight route - see the form below.

Shorter distance - like to other Siberian city - can be travelled via also an airplane or a train. And if you're trying to reach some neighbour cities like Kemerovo, Tomsk, Omsk - there is a special option of electric train. Very clean and comfortable. You can also go there by bus, but it will be terrible experience: the buses are old, dirty, stinking and often breaks in the middle of the road.


Small towns of Novosibirsk Oblast can be reached by buses and trains, but these are not very comfortable trains - wooden sits, old cars etc.




If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, please email us. Your feedback is very important.

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Top news
Yes! McDonald's finally opened in Novoibirsk, or to be specific in the food court of the Aura shopping mall. Ok, that's crappy food all right, but we truly welcome them mostly because of the 'famed' influence of McD on the investment attraction to the region - this is sorta common factor - if McD is fine to do business here, then it should be fine for most of Western Business.
Just in case you use Facebook - there is a great page there - Natasha from Russia. You will love it in the instant!
One of the Nsk curses is that it is fairly away from Gorny Altay which is perfect tourist's place. A lot of nature, forests, mountains and mountain rivers. Getting there by car is 7-8 hours driving. Now it is also available by air. The small aircrafts with capacity of 19 passengers are flying to Gorno-altaysk, the capital of Gorny Altay, twice a week, making the trip like 1 hour endeavour.


You came to Novosibirsk and realised that not so many people speak English here, and even those pretending that they do are not that good.
Or you might suddenly realise that your translator you hired is just some school-teacher of stone age and very literature-like vocabulary who can't even translate word 'bollocks' which is flying at the meetings all too often.
This is where our Translation service comes handy. We charge you with 3 cents per word of written translation, which makes normal A4, with Times font and 12 font size costing about 12-15 dollars to translate, depends on density of text and empty spaces. We can also help you with interpreting (sequential, not simultaneous) and this would be 25 dollars per hour.
Email us - info@e-novosibirsk.com for info, inquiries and arrangements.