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Views of Novosibirsk


Here are some pictures of Novosibirsk we have taken during the sunny autumn day.


Sorry for being stereotypic, that's a landmark of our city which you will see in every booklet or photo gallery, the Opera and Ballet Theatre.


That's just some park image. We thought it was quite nice view.


That's another park, Pervomayskiy.


Again, Pervomaiskiy Park, just some unusual point of view, glass, nature and skies.


This is a Humanitarian Insititute (the building at the back), and another nice 'just a building' at the front.


This is the front of River Transportation Academy.


This is another nice building, 'U Nikolaya' cafe is located here.


Not much to say on this one - just a typical street of our city.


And another nicely done cafe 'Shafran' in the city centre.


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Top news
Yes! McDonald's finally opened in Novoibirsk, or to be specific in the food court of the Aura shopping mall. Ok, that's crappy food all right, but we truly welcome them mostly because of the 'famed' influence of McD on the investment attraction to the region - this is sorta common factor - if McD is fine to do business here, then it should be fine for most of Western Business.
Just in case you use Facebook - there is a great page there - Natasha from Russia. You will love it in the instant!
One of the Nsk curses is that it is fairly away from Gorny Altay which is perfect tourist's place. A lot of nature, forests, mountains and mountain rivers. Getting there by car is 7-8 hours driving. Now it is also available by air. The small aircrafts with capacity of 19 passengers are flying to Gorno-altaysk, the capital of Gorny Altay, twice a week, making the trip like 1 hour endeavour.


Tiflis - the Georgian restaurant in the middle of the city.
This is the place where all Russian-Georgian tensions would go away if our leader ever met there. Located at the corner of Sovetskaya and Frunze, this is a fantastic island of Georgian food and culture.
Remember two words - hachapuri (this is bread covered with cheese - absolutely fantastic to go with red wine, and they have plenty), and khinkali - like Russian pelmeni, but much bigger and with different taste, they're must-try if first time there.